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Sourcing Good Ethical CBD Suppliers

Companies looking to start new CBD brands or even manufacturers looking for raw materials are always looking for the best CBD supplier. Currently in the UK it isn’t easy to find good suppliers, you will spend hours or even days just researching and looking for suppliers and be quoted prices that are on both ends of the scale, either too cheap to trust or too expensive but will all have reasons for their prices.

What is a poor supplier?

Many people turn to brokers, which is fine but not good if they are just one of many middle men. London CBD Group never use middle men, we deal directly with credible brands, labs, manufacturers, growers and so on. How do we determine they are good? People will tell you to check test reports of the product etc. Just checking test reports does not mean it is a good supplier, any company can provide test reports, it almost means nothing without actual tracking. What do we mean by this, well first the person or company supplying you the product should actually have an extraction or manufacturing facility. If you receive a reply like, “oh we can not show you the facility right now” or “can’t provide you details of the source” because of whatever reason they give as if it is some top-secret thing then that means they are a middle man or not a good supplier, you may as well just mark them right off.

What information should a potential supplier provide?

Good suppliers of raw materials and extracted products will always provide the minimum of where it is grown, where it is extracted, where it is being processed, any certification and information of the facility conditions,as well as the usual information on testing such as cannabinoid content, heavy metals and pesticide testing etc. All this information is not a secret as some sellers make it seem, in most cases you should buy direct and if you use a broker,then they should also provide you all this information.Brokers are not going to somehow lose their deals by you going direct, legitimate industries do not work like that and the brokersselling you the CBD are confused on how to do business as they should have agreements in place. For example, if a buyer came to us at London CBD Group and said they need isolate, we would not go source it somewhere else and then sell it to them, that’s poor business. We would call our preferred suppliers that we deal with and see if they have the product you require, if they do have the inventory, we would simply pass you their details and have you contact them directly. This does not affect your purchase price or deal. We don’t pretend to be sellers of anything we don’t have full rights to and believe everyone should buy direct from manufacturers and extraction companies who grow and process the product in good conditions. Good brokers can make money from good agreements with producers, so they have no reason to hide or conceal information. A product which is used for human consumption should not have any hidden information from seed to shelf. So, you would need to make sure it is all tracked and recorded up until you receive the goods and then it would be your responsibility.

Finding these suppliers

At this moment in time, there are barely any direct growers or processors in the UK, so it would be easierfor you to reach out directly to American and European suppliers who grow and process in their own facilities. If you don’t have time to search online and sift through the potential suppliers, it can be good to use brokers that will just forward you directly to the source as they will do all the searching for you or provide you with a good supplier immediately, if somebody is just randomly putting up a post on social media regarding supply of CBD and they do not provide you all of the information of where it is from, then it is to best to stay away from them as there are a lot of facilities in USA and Europe which are very poor. I have seen images of proud growers, unknowingly showing their crap facility full of hemp which is just on the floor of a massive warehouse with an extraction machine on the side, which basically has no quality control whatsoever. Lot of the cheaper isolate on the market comes from these types of warehouse facilities, using hemp straight from the field placed on a bit of tarp on the warehouse floor, then processed a few metres away. Even though these isolates may have high CBD purity, it is not ethical to buy or sell such poorly controlled products for human consumption. Now that the worldwide web is the source of almost everything, it is easy to find many suppliers with actual websites and lots of information on their operation and facility, it just takes a bit of time either calling or emailing them all for more information and prices and trust me you will find a supplier who meets the criteria and provides you with all the information you need.

Another good way to find a supplier is by attending Cannabis Network events such as Europe CBD Expo, First Wednesdays, Cannabis Europa and many others. This way you get to meet many producers, manufacturers and brokers in the industry, if the people you meet can provide all the necessary information mentioned previously, then they are a good supplier.

The main point is that the industry needs to ensure we purchase and deal with CBD ethically and the only way to do this is by buying from reputable suppliers who can provide transparency in their product processing procedures. Products made in poor conditions are not good products regardless of the CBD content. People will be consuming these products in many forms and deserve to have it made under strict standards just like any other food or medicine.